Geostatistics for the Environmental Sciences

How to Upgrade


Single-User Licenses

Customers registered with Gamma Design Software may upgrade as described in pricing. When purchasing an upgrade, you must provide the serial number of your current version of GS+, found on the original CD sleeve or download email. If you do not have the serial number but are a registered user of GS+, you may contact for your serial number. If you are not a registered user and do not have the original serial number you do not qualify for upgrade pricing.

Classroom / Single-Building and
Campus Site Licenses

Customers holding site licenses may upgrade from any version to Version 10 for 50% of the cost of their original site license. Please contact to purchase a site-license upgrade.

Maintenance Updates

Bug fixes and minor enhancements are made available to GS+ users free of charge via download from the Support | updates portion portion of our web site.