Geostatistics for the Environmental Sciences

Student Pricing

Full time students who are purchasing GS+ with personal funds are eligible to purchase one copy of GS+ at a 70% discount.  There are no student discounts for upgrades. Student purchases are provided via electronic download only.

To be eligible for student pricing, you must provide proof of student status and additionally you must pay either with a charge card that has a personal billing address, or with a personal check (from a U.S. bank) or international postal order (in U.S. funds).  Wire transfers and purchase orders are not accepted for student copies, nor are university charge cards.

To order GS+ with a student discount
  • place your order on-line (click here),  Alternately, you may print out the on-line order form and send it with a check from a U.S. bank or with an international postal order (in U.S. funds) to Student Sales at our regular mail address.

  • Send proof that you are a currently enrolled student to Acceptable proof is your name listed on a university web page, or a statement from a department secretary either on university letterhead or from a university email address. 

  • Your order will not be released until we receive payment and verification of student status.
  • If you use a charge card to purchase GS+, the billing address for the card must be a personal address and not an institutional address, regardless of the name on the card.

For further questions about this procedure please contact  To order, click here.

All versions of GS+ include a 180-page user manual, free maintenance updates, and technical support via email. The program is provided on a serialized CD-ROM or by electronic download. The manual is provided as a pdf file for electronic download purchases. Activation over the internet is required. You may purchase a hard copy version of the user manual from