Map Image - 2D

The 2D map image is produced by the Draw command from the Mapping window when the Graph Type within that window is set to 2d.


Edit Graph

Change axis scales, titles, and numeric formats via the Graph Settings dialog window.

Print Graph

Print the active graph to a file, printer, or other device via the Graph Print dialog window.


Exit and close the Map Image window.

Mouse Action

•      Off – returns the mouse to normal operation.

•      Rotate – for 3D images, turns the cursor into a rotator cuff when the left mouse button is pushed, allowing the image to be rotated. Not available for 2D images.

•      Move – allows the graph to be moved within the window by clicking the left mouse button and dragging the cursor.

•      Scale – allows one to use the left mouse button to shrink the graph image.

•      Zoom – allows the user to zoom in on a particular graph area by using the left mouse button to define a rectangular zoom area. Within the zoomed area the location of the cursor is noted on the Mouse Location panel.

•      Reset – resets the image to the default rotation angle and scale.

Mouse Location

Provides information on the current location of the cursor when it is on the map surface. Units are map units as specified by the axes.