Geostatistics for the Environmental Sciences

What is Geostatistics?

  • Geostatistics is a class of statistical techniques developed to analyze and predict values of a property spatially distributed. It begins with a type of autocorrelation analysis called variography or semivariance analysis, in which the degree of spatial self-similarity is displayed as a variogram. A curve is fit to the variogram, and the equation that describes the curve - called the variogram model - is used to help predict unsampled locations via kriging or conditional simulation. This produces optimal unbiased estimates of the property across the area sampled. The same analysis can also be performed with temporal data such as hourly or daily measures of some property to interpolate through time in an optimal manner.

About GS+

  • GS+ is a comprehensive geostatistics program that is fast, efficient, and easy to use. GS+ provides all geostatistics components, from variogram analysis through kriging and mapping, in a single integrated program widely praised for its flexibility and friendly interface. Many users are surprised that geostatistical analysis can be so easy and intuitive.


  • GS+ was first introduced in 1988. Geostatistics is not an add-on feature of GS+ – it is at the heart of the software. Many of our users have access to other geostatistics tools within their favorite GIS or mapping programs but come to GS+ for their serious geostatistical analyses, especially for exploring geostatistical relationships within data sets. Because GS+ output is compatible with industry standards, GS+ can be used directly with many of these other programs. Or it can be used standalone – GS+ has its own data worksheet (which also accepts Excel®, Access®, and other types of data files) and produces its own maps for those users who are not working with other mapping programs.

About Gamma Design Software, LLC

  • Gamma Design Software was started in 1988 to bring geostatistics to desktop computers. Before 1988 geostatistics software was available mainly for mainframes and supercomputers, and was largely unavailable to those not wanting to compile source code on their own. Since then, Gamma Design has been a world leader in providing accessible, powerful, and easy-to-learn geostatistics software for the evolving Windows environment.